Wednesday, March 28, 2012

So Here is His Handsome Self!

It has been waaaaay too long since our Colonel graced the pages of his own blog, so here he is!

The preliminary reading of First Fallen is going well, half of the book is in excellent condition, and the rest is very promising!

It may make it to a variety of publishers before long, for the first round of rejection letters, I am sure. But, many out there are pulling for the book, and won't review it if it is self-published, so it HAS to find a home somewhere!

In the mean time, here is the elegant Colonel Ellsworth, whom journalist Ned House referred to as "a singularly handsome man."

And Ned should know, as he was a connoisseur of handsome men.


  1. "And Ned should know, as he was a connoisseur of handsome men." Not that there is anything wrong with that! LOL! Thanks for reminding me of House--I'm sure I was aware of him before but had forgotten. I'm sending for a bio of him. He covered 2 events of particular interest to me: The Prince of Wales' trip to America and the Japanese Embassy to America, both in 1860. I need to escape from 2012 back to 1860--this should do it. And GOOD LUCK with the book. We are eager to get our hands on it!

  2. I am looking for an image of Ned House. I seem to remember one when I was writing this part of the book--how else would I know about his going to Asia and being "a connoisseur of men?" So it must be somewhere around here. There is also the intriguing portrait of House behind EE in Chappell's painting--where he has the eye patch! So, look for an image--please? Then I will try to return House to his former glory.

    There are so many wonderful people here in Ellsworth's world--smart, funny, interesting, gay, straight, old, young, some with bad habits--gee! Just like today!!