Monday, March 19, 2012

Becoming Edwin Forbes

Tomorrow, over at, my post about "Special Artist" Edwin Forbes will be running, so go read it. Please.

The sketch to the left is by Forbes, and it is one of my favorites, because the soldier in the greatcoat is playing a fiddle made out of a cigar box! I have had this sketch on my desktop for a bit, because of the cigar box, and didn't even know it was a Forbes.

The whole homemade instrument deal is fascinating to me. I did some small amount of research, and WOW! Daddy Mojo, Bluesboy Jag, and Red Dog Guitars make cigar box guitars, and Adventurous Muse and Carolina Fiddle make cigar box violins, among others.

There are YouTube videos of everyone, including Joni Mitchell, with cigar box instruments, and they sound wonderfully funky and soulful. There is even one with a professional violinist taking a turn on the strange looking box.

This deserves much more thought on my part. . .

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