Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Almost Alexandria!

I will be leaving for the 1st Magical History Tour next Monday at 8:00AM, from San Francisco! I can hardly wait.

I hate flying, but I am guessing I will be in a serious Ellsworthian haze, so it won't be bad. We are staying in Alexandria instead of DC, because I think the general neighborhood will be safer, and it was cheaper.

Here's the plan:
* The Ellsworth Exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery
* Ford's Theater, where there is some Ellsworth stuff, I hear
* Alexandria for the site of the Marshall House
* Fort Ward, because there are Ellsworth artifacts there as well
* My friend, Bree, wants to see the Arboretum

If anyone--ANYONE!--has ideas, suggestions, or wants to say hello while I am there (2/20-24), please let me know. Leave a Response here, or email me. Sometimes the site is hinky with Responses--they disappear, or aren't shown on the main page, but I get notified by email if one has been posted. I can read it from there. (Anyone who knows how to fix this, let me know as well!)

History Cat doesn't know I will be gone, so shhhhhhhhh! Don't tell her!

Back to packing lists . . .

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