Friday, February 10, 2012

Better Get Started on Your Civil War Valentines!

Attention Reenactors! You know how your loved ones and significant others give you that "look" on a regular basis? The look that basically says, "It's me or the Civil War!"

Yeah, that one! And it gets even worse as you pause to think about your answer.

This year, present those you love with an authentic "fake" Civil War Valentine!! The image to the right is a Love Knot Valentine, and many were created and exchanged during the War Between the States.

A Love Knot was drawn on paper, and consisted of graceful, heart-shaped loops. On the loops were written love messages which could be read by turning the knot around and around. The most clever were those poems that could be started at any point and continued in any direction.

This Love Knot says: The Knot of Love which has no end to let you know my love is true and that to none alive but vow. So be my wife and live with me as long as love shall granted be and I shall ever faithful prove of thee alone my own love sweetest of creatures to thee I send.

I am certain the poem can be rewritten to meet individual needs--maybe her name could be included (hint, hint!). I am equally certain that this lovely, thoughtful, non-farbish Valentine will smooth over any hurt feelings brought on by having to attend an event this coming weekend.

Do it! You'll thank me later!!



  1. I wish I had someone to give one too , I do have my dogs :)


  2. I wish I had someone to give it to too!

  3. Oh dear--send them to ME! I'm not getting any Valentines either. Hmmmmm. Here's an idea for someone to run with. Re-enactor! ??