Sunday, February 12, 2012

Elmer Ellsworth Wrote the Book of Love, Part 2

Ellsworth put a great deal of work into the pages he drew for his sweetheart. He was an accomplished amateur artist, and he used every talent he had to decorate this going-away gift.

On one page, across from a CDV of Carrie, he wrote, in his most artistic script, these words:
When you look upon these lines, dear Carrie, may they remind you of the fond heart, filled with high hopes and bright anticipations of your future, whose prayers . . . nightly ascend to Heaven . . .

Remember, dear Carrie, that your future usefulness, perhaps happiness--depends entirely upon the disposal of your time during the ensuing two years. As you dispose of this most precious time, so will you prove the extent of your affection for one whose whole happiness is centered in the hope of your future excellence.

Pompous? Amusing? Loving? All of the above.

And typical Ellsworth, always looking for improvement, always looking forward to a future filled with love, happiness, and satisfaction.

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