Friday, February 17, 2012

A World on Fire

So, I was sorting around the library (mine) looking for a book to take with me to DC/Alexandria, and I realized I had bought a copy of Amanda Foreman's rather massive tome, A World on Fire.

I took it into the bedroom, where the serious reading gets done, and started in on it. What a good book! Written by a British historian, it is about how our war affected Europe in general and England in particular. Nice!

I have been hacking away at it for several days now, enjoying myself immensely, when I realized I had never solved the original problem--what to take with me to read on my trip. A World on Fire, which took Foreman a few years to write, has nearly 1,000 pages! Probably not the best choice for light travel reading--eeek!

So, back at it again tonight. I have a couple of issues of Civil War Times to catch up on, so I will take them for sure. Robert called early this morning to tell me Adam Goodheart was going to be on NPR, but that got pushed to tomorrow. Still, it made me think.

I got it!

I am going to take Goodheart's 1861 and read that again! I can share passages with Bree (best friend since high school!!!) and revel in Ellsworthian anecdotes. Perfect!

And it doesn't weigh a zillion pounds . . .

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