Thursday, February 23, 2012

Magical History Tour #1 Almost Over :-(

No, I did NOT buy a stand-up cardboard Elmer Ellsworth! But I would if I could have!

We get on the plane this morning at 10 ish, me with pounds of notes, some new books, and a sad heart. This was a great experience, for certain. I now know much more than I did, about so many different things--not the least of which is that you always take the front cab in the line.

Not only did I make some good contacts, I learned how to set things up for next time by calling ahead and asking to see specific artifacts and sources. I now know I will need a writing day every third day, at least, to keep up with new information.

All this will come in handy for the second iteration of the Magical History Tour. I am thinking it will have to be Chicago or upstate New York, although I don't know when. I have done OK money-wise on this one, but it still is expensive.

I'm pretty happy, that's for sure--but I will be sorry to leave such nice people & interesting places. Nice to be going home, though. I know a little black and white kitty who will be glad to see her catmom--I missed you, History Cat!

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  1. Well the cats will b happy to see you : )