Monday, July 18, 2011


Nine chapters down, six (or so) to go!! I set the goal of roughing in all of the book during the summer. I have the time, and it is good to have something to do other than garden and take math classes. If I could get most of the rough draft done before school starts, then, when I had less time and had to put energy into my teaching, I could rewrite things, add as more research is done, etc. When I finished "Interregnum" this morning, it was the first time I felt like I might actually get most of it done. It is now definitely over half, for sure! I made phone calls, then took a looooong nap!

I got a great email today from the woman whose own blog helped give me inspiration to write this one. She bought a "Jack the Doll" zouave doll at the Lincoln Library and included a picture of it in her blog. That is his picture--all he needs is a mustache. I will write more about her tomorrow--I want to get her permission to do so--but she was enthusiastic about everything. And . . . I learned how to put pictures into the blog--so that is good!

I have a long evening/night of writing ahead. I am going to go back and add much more about the Zouave Cadet Tour. "Interregnum" was more about Lincoln--"Rock Star Summer" will look at the phenomena that Ellsworth's tour created. "Rock Star Summer!"

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