Monday, October 1, 2012

When This Cruel Class Is Over

In case anyone was wondering where I am or what has happened, it is just work and school. I thought I could take two classes for my Masters. 

I was SO wrong!

Anyway, they will both end on October 29, and I will return to these pages at that time, full time! I promise!

The Masters is very demanding, not to mention having a demanding full-time job teaching 7th grade pre-Algebra, maintaining a household and owning the house into which it fits, and all the other things that come along in life.

Don't let anyone tell you getting a degree on-line is easy. it is certainly not! Nevertheless, I am loving it.

So, I ask for your good wishes as the end of these two classes comes 'round the corner. Papers to write, books to read, grades to fret about!

I have found a bunch of new & exciting things about Elmer Ellsworth, too. Enough for a whole new chapter on the Republican National Convention in Chicago, 1860.

See you soon!