Sunday, July 24, 2011

in NY

I am working on the Chapter for the B'hoys--again, lots of great first person stuff, thanks to 11th NY Fire Zouave reenactors & their efforts. EE has recovered from the measles and is recruiting in New York. I am hoping that by the time I get the B'hoys to DC, there are enough words left to cover the fire at Willard's--or next to it. I haven't paid much attention to the word count, actually. I am thinking it will take care of itself. I want the chapter where EE dies to be ONLY about that, so I don't think much else matters. I just keep writing.

I reread that paragraph, and feel I should explain that I have only one thing in common with Michele Bachman--we both get migraines. Well, OK--we both be female. That makes 2 things. So--I have a migraine. I took my meds, but still, thinking is muzzy. No more writing for me tonight.

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