Thursday, July 21, 2011

pressing forward

Even though the Union is losing at Manassas, I am writing. I just finished a very difficult chapter--the one about the tour of the U.S. Zouave Cadets during the summer of 1860. It will either be one of the best chapters or one of the worst. It is so filled with information, but much of the actions are repetitive. Never mind! The rough draft is done, and I can work on it this fall. It was a hard one, though . . .

Next? I need to go to Staples and buy more ink for the printer, and pick up some supplies for the class I am teaching next week at San Jose State. It is only a week long, and it is for Middle School age kids. It is a writing class, and my topic is Speculative Fiction. Maybe I should tackle the chapter about mourning practices in the late 1800s and wait a week before more EE. I will tell you right now, I am NOT looking forward to the chapter where EE dies. That will be very emotional to write. I would not have thought it before, but I know now that this kind of writing is consuming, and even when you know what is coming up next, sometimes it is a surprise anyway.

No more today--rest well!

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