Saturday, February 11, 2012

Elmer Ellsworth Writes the Book of Love, Part 1

Elmer Ellsworth fell in love with a lovely young woman named Carrie Spafford. Her father thought she was too young, at age 16, to be seriously involved with anyone, much less an impecunious young man with a doubtful future.

The decision was made to send Miss Spafford off to school in West Lebanon, New Hampshire, hoping the enforced absence would bring an end to the mutual infatuation.

Heartsick at the thought of his loss, but determined to prove himself worthy in the eyes of both Carrie and her father, Elmer Ellsworth purchased a beautiful album from one of Chicago's finer stationery stores. It still exists, and is in the Chicago Historical Society.

The cover is plain, but inside there is an engraving by the Sartain Publishing Company, one of the finest in Philadelphia, which says Album of Love. It is the sort of book in which a young lady might ask a friend to write some sort of tender sentiments, and then to sign her name.

Ellsworth put his own twist on this little book.

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