Sunday, February 26, 2012

NASCAR & the Civil War

Today is the day! Daytona!!!

As a person who "worships at the church of NASCAR," the 3+ month break between the end of the last racing season and the beginning of the next is a very long time.

But, today begins the real season--Speedweeks not withstanding--and I will be putting up my NASCAR flag in a few moments.

Sometimes it is embarrassing to be a NASCAR fan, especially when a colleague wants to challenge its very place in sports. I have learned to take the higher path and ignore such nonsense.

NASCAR is just plain FUN, and I love it! I also love the Civil War, for many of the same reasons. So, I talked the kind folks at into letting me write a post about the connections between stock car racing and the War Between the States.

The post will be up tomorrow! I worked hard on it (I work hard on all of them, and this blog, too), so I expect you "fans" to take a look at it. Some interesting stuff, especially concerning the casting of To Appomattox.

Gotta go put up the flag--Drive it like ya stole it, Tony!

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