Friday, March 23, 2012

Route 15 to Gettysburg

It's Book Review time again, here at First Fallen. This time the book is Route 15 to Gettysburg, by John Thomas Ambrosi. As the blurb on the picture states, "If you liked Confederates In the Attic you'll love this book . . ."

I'm having some issues with that statement. CintheA is a minor classic in the non-battles & leaders section of Civil War writing, and one would be hard put to compare these two books. The style is similar, I agree.

But this book looks at a different topic entirely, one with a much more narrow focus. He draws many parallels between soldiers then, and soldiers now. The post will be up at in several days, if they run true to schedule. Read it and see what I mean.

The author states in an on-line Civil War forum (below) that his book is self-published. I have no issue with self-publishing at all, and have considered it for First Fallen, but every one of them I read is in serious need of some slash-and-burn editing.

Editing can be best described as like taking the beautiful, newborn infant you have worked so hard to bring into the world, and cutting off its head, feet, and a random arm or leg. And then doing that again. It is not for the squeamish or faint-at-heart, for sure!

But the effort is worth it.

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