Monday, March 26, 2012

. . . or not

I am no longer sure if my book review of Route 15 to Gettysburg will be out or not. It is not up to me, certainly, and once a piece is submitted, its future is no longer in my hands.

The only reason I even bring it up is that the book haunts me, and not for a good reason. It is a self-published book. I am not against this form of book work--I may even be forced into it myself--but one thing I see a lot of with self-published efforts is that the book wasn't quite ready to publish.

First Fallen has been "written" for a while, now. It is in no way ready to publish. Daily, it gets polished. I have a wonderful reader who is helping with this project, and he is only the first.

Huge decisions need to be made about sources, about tone, about how late I can stay up and still write well, about spilling Crystal Light on my keyboard--you lnow, the really crucial stuff.

Let me just say here that there will be no rush to publication, much as my math students would like this to happen. First Fallen will be published when it is ready, and not before.

I hope it will be published by someone other than myself. Any takers??

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