Thursday, March 8, 2012

Alfred Waud

I was busily researching Mr. Alfred Waud for when I found this link:

It is a link to the Becker Collection, which is an art collection at Emory University that has part of it dedicated to the sketches done by Civil War artists in their capacity as "Special Artists" for a variety of newspapers, Mostly Harper's & Frank Leslie's.

The good folks who manage the collection have put together a site which contains several sketches by Alfred Waud, and by drawing the cursor from left to right, you can see how the sketch morphs from what the artist sent to what the newspaper reader sees.

An example is to the right, although the site has much, MUCH better ones, not divided into two parts as this one is.

If you don't know much about Mr. Waud, check ECW Monday for my post. If you do know about him, at least check out the Becker website. Maybe the link will work this time, but if not, just copy it to your browser.

Even if you are an expert on Waud, check out the link--it is so well done! Hmmm--and check out my ECW post anyway. It helps the blog, it is interesting, and hopefully AJ will be on it. If you don't know who AJ is, check First Fallen, March 3. DO IT!!

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