Friday, March 2, 2012

"Our Special Artists"

The man to the right is Mr. Alfred Waud. He & his brother were artists who worked for large, East coast newspapers during the Civil War.

I am spending the weekend with the Waud brothers.

Next week, maybe Thomas Nast, and the week after that, Mr. Winslow Homer. Then I will be looking South for their Confederate counterparts.

At some point I will be weekending with Paul Philippoteaux, of Gettysburg Cyclorama fame.

It was these brave man who were pioneers in the then-quickly expanding field of war correspondent. They are an amazing group, collectively--and even more amazing individually.

Now, of course, we have I-reporters . . .


  1. Where did Thomas Nast go and what did he do in 1860?

  2. That's what I am going to find out! The guys at ECW post such good stuff, and the guy who does " Civil War Daily Gazette" does such a good job with images--"good" being slightly overused here--and in my own work, I see so much of Waud's work, that I decided maybe we should ALL know more about the art & the artists.