Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bluestocking, Is It Now?

I was talking with a friend at work about things in which I was interested--there are a bunch--but except for NASCAR, few of them have a very large fan base. In fact, there are some cases where I think there are not very many fans at all any more (that would have been the medieval Death-themed poetry).

Then I told her I was getting a Masters in History! Apparently that was the last straw. "But you're a mathematician!" she exclaimed.

I admitted that, yes, I was, but . . . and then it came--"You're just a d_____d bluestocking!"

Well! I never!! (Okay, maybe I did once or twice--) :-)


  1. Kudos to one 'bluestocking' to another, my dear! I think we should start a new book club--"Women in Bluestockings"?? How about it?

  2. But won't they clash with your purple hair?

  3. Everything clashes with purple hair--that's the point!

  4. Yes--we should definitely form a group--when we have the time to do so!