Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snow In the Tehachapis

It is finally raining here on the Central Coast in California. That means it will soon be snowing in the Tehachapi Mountains.

It is beautiful there when it snows, and the snow itself is lovely. I have seen powder, popcorn, and wet, nasty blizzards there, although I prefer the first two!

We just cannot lose this historical resource, folks. There is so little left. What we do have, we need to treasure. Our past is collective--it belongs to us all.

Please google up Fort Tejon. Read about its place in California history. Then, do something. Anything.

You can help. Call a member of Congress. Send money. Pray!

Not every historic site can be Gettysburg, but this place is a lovely spot of history on its own.


  1. It will be a national tragedy if they close Historic Ft. Tejon . It will be a loss that will never be recovered.

    Steve Mata

  2. Thanks Meg. One of our biggest events, the 2nd California Event is coming up in Feb 3,4,& 5th. Here is the link to the flyer.. anything you can do to get the word out would be great!

  3. Anyone who has images of Fort Tejon in different seasons, or at different events, and would like to share them here, please let me know. The ones I have been using--the snow ones--are from her highness, Tejon Principessa (I hope I have that right!). The posts get quite a few hits, so 'tis not all in vain.