Friday, January 13, 2012

Mr. & Mrs. Ward Hill Lamon

The Pre-Raphaelite beauty on the left is Ward Hill Lamon's second wife, Sally. The set of photographs is up for auction at Cowan's, starting at $200.00, or was, anyway. Being a serious fan of the Pre-Raphs, this impressed me no end!

Lamon is on the right. What a charming couple!!

Now--about the movie--there are at least 3 movies about Lincoln coming out soonish. In one, Mr. Lincoln kills vampires, in another, he is played by Daniel Day Lewis, and in the third . . . I can't find out too much, actually.

It is called Saving Lincoln, and the actress who plays Mary Todd is Penelope Ann Miller, from The Artist. The emails I have gotten from screenwriter Nina Litvak tell me that no stills of anyone can be released without agent permission, so---the real pictures will have to suffice.

Ms. Litvak calls her movie a "scrappy little indie film," and has been very nice to me. I even offered to get together a bunch of Civil War wonks to help with prescreening duties, although she hasn't invited us--yet!

The most interesting part of this, aside from the intriguing Mr. Lamon, is that actor Adam Croesdell is playing the part of Colonel Ellsworth---MY Colonel Ellsworth!!! I have begged for just one peek, but so far---nothing.

The film will be out this fall. Here are some links:

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