Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Sad Little Grave Marker

The small grave marker to the right is the one which marks the approximate burial place of Stonewall Jackson's arm.

I had been working on my post for the connection Marine Corps General Smedley Butler had to the arm for a few days, although I had been thinking about Butler ever since the "Occupy" movement began last fall.

I wanted to tie Butler, the Bonus Army, and the Occupy movement to the 1930s, the Great Depression, and ways folks have chosen to make their economic struggles known.

It was gonna be beautiful!!!

I wrote it, I let it be for 24 hours, I rewrote it--then I sent it in. I crossed my fingers--figuring it would sit in the queue for a bit, since I had already done 3 for ECW already, and the Science Fair is tomorrow, and I got a lot to do . . .

And suddenly it was up!

So . . . now I am once again not exactly behind, but not exactly ahead, either.

Not that I'm complaining--never! Go to emergingcivilwar.com and read all this good history stew!! Please!!

It's just--I was hoping for a little savoring time . . .

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