Monday, January 16, 2012

Smedley Butler and Jackson's Arm

Several years ago I did an article on Marine General Smedley Butler for a magazine called Strategy & Tactics, published by Chris Cummins.

I researched and read quite a lot on this interesting man, and have always held him in high esteem. It is rare to find a career military officer who is also very much his own person. Such a man is General Butler.

Yet another Chris (Mackowski), from Emerging Civil War, has been doing several excellent, illustrated blogs about Stonewall Jackson at that site. I did some digging around about the burial of Stonewall Jackson's arm, and discovered the Smedley Butler connection.

Since I already knew a lot about Butler, I decided to do a larger post for ECW, in complement to those of Mr. Mackowski. So, in the next few days I will be polishing that piece and looking for more Civil War connections with General Butler.

One I am interested in finding out more about concerns the picture to the left. It is General Butler at Gettysburg. Apparently, the Marines reenacted Pickett's Charge in 1922 at the actual site, on the battlefield.

Who knew??

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  1. Thoughts on peace, tyrants and rule of law. Photographs of mountains, too.


    "Communism is when you are starved. Fascism is when you are dinner." - Freeskier

    Smedley Butler references, too, of course.