Saturday, January 7, 2012

Make It So!!

A couple of posts ago I wrote about the Ellsworth Exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery, which ends March 18, 2012. This post got a lot of comment from a few of the folks with whom I work at Brownell Middle School.

The consensus of the talk was "GO!!!!!!!!!!"

Stay in a cheap hotel, get a red-eye flight in the middle of the week, and GO!

We have a week off in February in our district--President's Week--and it seemed like the timing would be perfect. The exhibition doesn't close until March, after all. It would be a quick trip--just the Portrait Gallery, Alexandria, and Fort Ward--then home. Only one bag to pack.

I called a friend who is very good at this sort of thing, and she is totally up for it. I have some money left from summer employment, and I live pretty cheaply anyway--except the mortgage--

I am going!!!! Huzzah for me!!

Any donations will be gratefully accepted, of course. Oh my!

DC about 1860ish is above, but I am guessing that there will be fewer horses this time around.


  1. It took me a bit to get less overwhelmed by your suggestion, Kind Reader, but since you asked, I have now included a "Donate" button to my PayPal account.

    Just making the suggestion was humbling enough. The Colonel and I thank you!
    January 8, 2012 6:09 PM

  2. Meg--I meant to write to you previously about your possible trip to DC. I may be able to set up a White House tour for you and the class. Shoot me an email if interested. (Btw, Ft. Ward is an old haunt of mine. I lived down the street from there a few years ago, and went to look at the museum and earthworks frequently!)