Sunday, March 11, 2012

All Quiet Along the Potomac

Sorry to have missed a day--not feeling 100%--more like 33.3%--lol.

The weather has been beyond lovely, I planted pansies & violas, and finished my first week in Grad School. TA DA!

I also seriously attacked Chapter 5 in First Fallen. I am surprised that it is so well written in the second place, and the third place seems even better.

APU uses the Turabian Style Guide, a version of the Chicago Guide, for formatting papers, and I am using it for the book. I have had to go back & work over a few chapters, but it has helped me very much. Clarity is essential, and consistent formatting helps me to achieve that.

Going to Alexandria & DC was so incredibly helpful. Even though I lost that week for writing, the information more than made up for it. I have five more chapters to rework on this third rewrite, then getting the Endnotes in order, and the Bibliography.

Then maybe it is time to sent it out for read-throughs.

Any takers?


  1. Hmm...depending on the timing of turn-around that you need....keep me in mind....somewhere down the road...
    P.S. I KNEW it would be a great idea for you to go to DC!

  2. Since I am so looking forward to this book I definitely would like to pre- read it. That is if you do not mind non- professional types lending a hand.

  3. Steve--you are perfect for reading the book! Also, how did you get the YouTube clip into your post? I would love to do this--maybe for the 17th or thereabouts, as I have a post planned for then that is about 1st Bull Run & a Zouave who "rescued" the 69th's banner. Email me: