Saturday, December 31, 2011


The envelope says, "Portrait of the 'Southern Gentleman' who objected to Ellsworth's Zouaves coming into Virginia because they didn't belong to the 'First Families.' "

I found this piece of ephemera while on patrol on the Internet, and laughed out loud. That's LOL, for some of you.

I am guessing that it is referring to the Federal occupation of Alexandria in May, 1861. That didn't turn out so well for Ellsworth, either.

James Jackson, who shot our Colonel, was not an FFer either. Sorry, Virginia. Neither were most of the young men in the various Confederate armies then forming.

Was spilled blood somehow more blue, and therefore worth more, if it came from a neo-aristo? I think not. That world, with all its silly pretensions, went away when the War came. Perhaps the blood was more equally distributed as it sank into Virginia soil, or was diluted and mixed by the water in Virginia creeks and rivers.

It was noted that the next year's growth in places where a battle had been fought or an Army had camped was more green and lush than ever before. Fertilizer is made up of many things. I suppose blood, bodies, and "night soil" are as good as chemicals.

Still, all that loss . . . and each soldier loved by someone, FF or not.

Please follow this blog in 2012. The book is finished with its second rewrite (almost--one chapter left). The second year of the War is upon us, take or give 150 other years, and I am looking forward to everything!

This December First Fallen topped 900 hits, which doesn't sound like much to many, I know--but each month it has built steadily, and for that I am glad. Happiest of New Years to you all!


  1. I think the sub title of the article could be "just doesnt get it." The Gentleman lives in "another world" from the common Southerner or Northerner, and his "world" is about to come crashing down.

    The Gentleman just doesnt get the fact that by going to going to war with the Federal Army that he is bringing his world to an end.

    The Gentleman just doesnt get the fact that his viewpoint (slavery society) and Southern Planter lifestyle is arrogant and self-centered, to the point where he is willing to help sent thousands of poor men to their deaths.

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  3. Family pride is strong in the United States, That way we can tell each other What contributions were done by ancestors, various relatives to prove everyone is a someone. As for EE's tree and that of Mr.Jackson if you like. What is needed about the flags?

  4. I am not sure the message of the Emancipation Proclamation has gotten nationwide yet--there are politicians who's avowed purpose this year is to get that black man out of the White House--I don't think this is about jobs . . .