Monday, December 12, 2011

Secret, Guilty Pleasures

Just look at that face!!! Those gentle eyes, that sensitive mouth...

Okay, I admit it. Young Mr. Ellsworth is quite a handsome man, and that being said--one of my secret, guilty pleasures is a website called My Daguerrotype Boyfriend, "where early photography meets extreme hotness."

You never know who you will meet there! There are Civil Warriors aplenty, but one of Lincoln's assassins is also pictured, manacles and all.

Teddy Roosevelt has two appearances, and even a young Ernest Hemingway is included, although technically not "of the period." I am guessing the creator of the blog was overcome by his "extreme hotness."

For some reason, Elmer Ellsworth is not on the site!! I submitted the picture on the left, but have not heard back yet.

The more I look at CDVs and daguerrotypes, the less attractive men today look. I mean--how stupid is a baseball cap worn backward? Unless, of course, that is the position you play on the team.

Extreme hotness indeed!


  1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DAMM, You Go Girl !!!!!

  2. yep--every day or so!! LOL! Good thing about dead guys--one always knows where they are!