Saturday, December 10, 2011

Trudging Along

I have no complaints, except the numbness of my hands on a cold morning!

I added in the information about Lt. Edward Knox to the appropriate chapter in First Fallen last night, and the chapter is better for it. I hope chapters don't all have to be the same length, because mine aren't.

Here is the update on the book: totally written!!! First draft is done on everything. The last chapter on Lincoln was done a week or so ago, and it is sitting there, waiting for its rewrite, which I am not ready to do, yet.

Christmas Break starts the 17th for me, and I got the Maps of Bull Run book a while ago. I will spend break working on what happened to the New York Fire Zouaves at First Bull Run, and hopefully get my battle information done correctly. I don't think it is bad now--I just know it could be better. Once that is finished, it will conclude the second rewrite!!!!

Then, 2012 will commence the part where I tie all the chapters into a cohesive whole. Right now, they are stand-alone pieces, so I have to make a book of it all. Then I am thinking one last time, and--TA DA!! 90,000 words later it is a book.

Anyone know any publishers??

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