Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fort Tejon In the Snow

The picture above is a view of the restored Barracks building at California's Fort Tejon, looking from up the hill east toward Highway 5, not visible.

This is just one of the restored buildings at the Fort, and inside it is detailed to look as if the Dragoons have just left in response to a morning bugle call. Hundreds of thousands of dollars and work hours have gone into restoring and recreating this one building, and it is not the only one. There are several more buildings, including the quarters of the Commanding Officer.

The split rail fences mark the locations of other structures and important areas, and there are plans to, slowly and accurately, restore the entire Fort.

Unfortunately, this state-owned property is one of many on the economic chopping block. No matter what one's politics, the financial mess our house is in is not the fault of any one person. No one is sitting anywhere--Sacramento or Washington--chortling with glee as American History goes swirling down the drain.

Please go to the website for the FTHA (Fort Tejon Historical Association) to see what YOU can do for this historic site. California's Civil War past may consist of sending soldiers who had been garrisoned in the West back to the East to both fight and command in their respective armies, but this pretty little place was part of that, and deserves better.

Occupy Fort Tejon, anyone?

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  1. Thank you Meg for bringing Ft. Tejon in to the front light again . Very small minds in Sacramento think by closing 70 of the 270 state parks , they will balance the budget . If the Governor and state representatives would stop abusing the public money , then they wouldn't be robing the People of California of their parks and of United states History . This is a travesty that we cannot let happen.

    Steve Mata