Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Black Horse Cavalry #3

To the left is a drawing (Waud) entitled "The Ellsworth Zouaves Routing the Black Horse Cavalry." This is somewhat perplexing, as this is not exactly what happened.

The phrase Black Horse Cavalry was sometimes applied to the entire Confederate Cavalry, especially at the time of First Bull Run.

The cavalry which is pictured here was, in actuality, J. E. B. Stuart's 1st Virginia Cavalry. This was the cavalry that the Fire Zouaves encountered near Ricketts' Battery in July.

The picture is especially interesting as it indicates that the Cavalry was routed by the Zouaves. In the terrible melee that was First Bull Run, it is difficult to say just who routed whom. Much as I want to say the Zouaves won the day, it just is not true.

Tomorrow I will have a picture of the same event, from the opposite point of view. The contrast is very interesting. Stay tuned!

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