Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas To All

Off to Mom's. Sort of a frontal assault, I suppose. One has to do these things, and my sister says it will be fun.

It is the trip south I dread. Sort of like Sherman's March To the Sea, only Meg's March To the Desert. The Civil War provides very few desert metaphors, alas.

I asked Santa for a book cradle, but I am thinking he doesn't get much call for those any more. I have a very cool dictionary stand, but several of my antiquarian resources need a desktop book cradle.

I will be taking all my Bull Run books with me, and a miserable autobiography of Ronald Reagan that I am supposed to read for my History Book Club. (Robert, if you are reading this, no offense)

I should be back Monday. Until then, please reread my posts so the stats won't fall off. I missed 800 by 5 last month. It's the right thing to do, I will greatly appreciate it, and so will Mom.

Anyone want another cup of eggnog?

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