Saturday, December 17, 2011

A "Donnybrook" Christmas For Me

To the left is another image of Colonel Elmer Ellsworth, in full dress uniform. He only commanded his regiment in camp, and during the occupation of Alexandria on May 24, 1861.

This is not much to base a military career on. It is sometimes a topic of conversation, however. It is said that General Robert E. Lee, upon hearing of Ellsworth's death, expressed regret and evidenced confidence in what might have been EE's future on the field.

Would he have been kept near D. C., as "Lincoln's Pet General?" Would he have been ordered to serve on McClellan's staff? Would he have stayed a Colonel with his regiment after First Bull Run?

My work this Christmas vacation is to pour over books and maps about Bull Run, and try to find out just what went on with the 11th New York, Ellsworth's men. What was left of his imprint to hold the units together? Or did everything just fall apart?

I think it is important not to end the book with Ellsworth's death. His legacy was the Fire Zouaves, the 11th New York. Anyone who has an opinion, please Comment.

Looks like a good Christmas for me.

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