Tuesday, August 23, 2011

so far--one down--

I think I am happy with the rewrite of "Interregnum," so anyone who wants to read it, just let me know. It's good enough for an editor, except for a couple of references, and I have just been lazy about finding those.

The next chapter I redo is "Another Point of View." I got so far into the book, and I realized that EE's death affected the South as well. So did the death of James Jackson, the man who shot him and was, in turn, shot by Francis Brownell. I have read a lot of diaries now, and the small booklet about Jackson, author unknown. The reactions of the 2 parts of the U.S. were very different. It was stronger in the North--more outrage. For the South, it was just one more tally mark against the Yankees.

Anyway, I think it only fair to look at "another point of view," about EE's death. Hence this chapter. I will be trying very hard to be fair to Jackson, and have already stricken the occasional snarky comment. Any suggestions??

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