Wednesday, August 3, 2011

back home--

Well--I am back home. The retreat was super, and I feel like I will bee a good AVID teacher, and when I am not, there will be plenty of help. Every spare moment was spent reading about death in the nineteenth century and First Bull Run. LOL!

The books I have are pretty good--I now know about a "Good Death" and a lot more about how many folks viewed death and the afterlife 150 years ago. I think I sort of have a nineteenth century view of death. I have to think about this a LOT more.

I am tired, so am going to take a nap, then right back to writing. No pictures this time, but soon--well--maybe I can find one--OK--this is part of the death deal--it was glorious to die for a cause, and a guarantee of getting into Heaven. So--even if this man doesn't return, his wife will reap reflected honor, and of course, they will be reunited in Heaven.

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