Monday, August 22, 2011

Marching thru' Gilroy

First day of school, and I am looking for a particular Civil War event to compare--maybe just the average Billy Yank's first day as a soldier, since it was all good. So--as Milly Yank--I gotta admit that I got home, lay down for a moment, and woke up again at 8 PM. I got up, put in some corrections I had for "Interregnum,"and am going to bed.

Carrie! I will leave work tomorrow & call as soon as I get home--I promise! I am anxious to see what you have discovered. I have now learned never to promise anyone anything the first week of school--my bad all the way around.

Picture is AL with John Hay (standing) and George Nicolay--these guys were his personal secretaries and EE's boon companions. I love these guys!

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