Monday, August 8, 2011

44 vs. 11

Now I have to dig into what happened to Ellsworth's men. Initially I thought I would be just doing Bull Run, but not so. I have to research the 44th NY also. They were called Ellsworth's Avengers, and did not participate in Bull Run. The men from the U.S. Zouave Cadets who joined the Fire Zouaves left that regiment and started their own regiment. Stryker, et al were responsible for it, and it did very well. They were able to refill their diminished ranks in 1862 when many other regiments (including the 11th) were unable to do so. I found a wonderful primary source--a regimental history written by the men who served. The Introduction is written by Joshua Chamberlain, fergawdssake! (FGS?) So I will do that part tomorrow.

School starts the 18th, and I will have to tear myself away from all this. The picture in the corner is of a t-shirt by Zazzle. It is really nice! Go buy one!

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