Sunday, August 28, 2011

long short weekend

I had to go to a workshop for most of Saturday this weekend, and some later on as well. Algebra! I would have preferred History, so go figure. I did an extensive rewrite on "Another Point of View," the chapter about James Jackson, who shot EE. I really am trying to get any anti-South bias out of it, so this is probably not the last time I work on that chapter. I am now working on "Ellsworth Triumphant," which is about his organization of the U.S. Zouave Cadets into the crack drill team they became.

I have spent hours looking up a quote, unsuccessfully. Finally I just typed EE's name into the search engine, along with the part of the quote I remembered, and-POOF!--there it was. I felt so stupid. Oh well. Perhaps it is just that school began. I am tired, that's all.

I hope I haven't shown this pic before. I have been assiduously collecting images, then trying to put them in order according to the chapters in the book. I hope it gets published. I'm not going to think about that part--too depressing.

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