Friday, August 5, 2011

dead and buried

This chapter is very difficult to write. There are two parts--the continuation of the story from the time EE gets shot to his burial, and the admittedly superficial analysis of nineteenth century death and dying attitudes. I gotta get them to be less superficial, and then get to the point--that 620,000 deaths later, no one had the energy to give everyone a grand funeral any more, and hasn't ever since. There is a lot of information here. If I get the rough done by the end of the weekend, then there will still be a boatload of work to do on the chapter. It is always the ones I initially saw as straightforward that turn out to be the most complex.

After that one, there is the penultimate one--what happened to the 11th NY Zouaves after EE died. This will go up past Bull Run. I have read a couple of books so far, and a lot of soldier letters. I need to do some serious mapwork to better understand the battle. The interactive maps on line are great for this!

So--a lot of work ahead, but maybe the rough will be done by the time school starts on the 18th. Then the REAL work starts!! EEEK! Today's picture is an example of memento mori, something to keep the memory of the deceased in one's mind. It is homemade, and I love it.

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