Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Daughter of the Regiment

This is Lora Hudson Bissell. She was a teacher in upstate NY and wrote a poem, later made into a song, about EE's death and how it needed to be avenged. Many of the officers of the Fire Zouaves had been with Ellsworth in Chicago Cadet days. These men left the 11th NY about July 4, 1861 to take commissions in the 44th New York, "Ellsworth's Avengers." Her poem was chosen as the song of the 44th, and she asked if there was any other way to serve her country. She was named "Daughter of the Regiment" and travelled with the 44th as a nurse. She served out the rest of the war! Where is that kind of valor now? If there's no money or fame in it, it isn't worth the effort seems to be the sentiment in this century. Researching like this--not that people were any better, or even different--but the ideals of the time sure were.

Anyone else think maybe they fit better in a different time?

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