Thursday, June 28, 2012

Union Mandarin Orange Cake!

Sorry this is late today--I spent the better part of the day looking for Orange Curd--oh well. I got Lemon--we shall see . . .

The cake I remember is so much like the one from yesterday, but different in a few ways as well. 

First, it is a layer cake. I used to do some pastry work for a caterer, so here is the scoop on pan sizes: an 8" circular pan will give you a thicker layer than a 9" pan. This will result in a higher cake, or--if you are a very fancy baker--an 8" layer will slice into 2 parts much more easily, and will be best for a 4-layer cake.

Second: there is coconut involved. 

The recipe for the cake is as follows: 
1 package orange cake mix
1 11 ounce can of undrained mandarin oranges
1/2 C. salad oil
4 eggs
1 T orange extract

Beat ingredients on medium speed for 4 minutes. Pour into 2 parchment-lined 8" round cake pans. Bake at 350 degrees for 35-45 minutes. Check with a toothpick for doneness--the toothpick should come put of the cake cleanly. Cake layers should cool before being iced.

Icing--yes, folks--I use canned icing. Any type of cream cheese frosting will do, however--I just like the easy of prepared icing.

The recipe for the icing is as follows:
2 cans cream cheese frosting--fluffy, if possible
1 can mandarin oranges--buy expensive, name brand ones for this part--drain them well, patting them with paper towels if necessary.
large flaked or shaved coconut--usually in the organic foods area
1 T orange extract

Separate the mandarin slices into 2 batches--put the most perfect slices aside, as these will top the cake.
Beat the remaining batch of mandarin slices into one of the cans of frosting, add the orange extract. This is your filling.

Put down the bottom layer. Use half the filling on it, then put the top layer on. At this point ice the sides of the cake with the cream cheese icing. On the edges of the top layer, create a ridge of regular icing, then sparingly ice the middle of the cake. On top of the thin layer of regular cream cheese icing, put the rest of the filling inside the ridge of icing. Immediately put the coconut on the regular icing--sides and just around the top. Then use the last half of the mandarin segments to create a design in the center of the cake.

DISCLAIMER!!! These are NOT Civil War recipes! . . . yeah, someone asked. Go figure.

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