Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dirty Tricks Without Tricky Dicky!

The man above is one of my favorites--Ward Hill Lamon. He pulled a few "dirty tricks" at the 1860 Republican Convention, which would probably get him in trouble now.
  • He pulled a string/scam that prevented the ballots for the nomination not to be delivered until the the second day of the Convention, which meant that Seward's men couldn't get a vote going on the evening of the first day. This literally saved the vote for Lincoln on the third ballot.
  • He packed the Wigwam with paid supporters to yell "at the top of their lungs" every time the name Lincoln was even whispered. He got phony passes printed up, got his thousands to the Wigwam an hour before Seward's imported New York supporters, which meant that the building was at capacity before the Convention opened the second day.
  • Judge Davis remarked about these, and some other, things when questioned as to what "Honest Abe" would think: Lincoln ain't here!
Ya gotta love these guys! . . . and tomorrow is the anniversary of Watergate!

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