Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Little Politicking

I went to see the Vice President today. Was I surprised to find out it was "Fighting Joe" Biden and not Hannibal Hamlin!?!

It was a very early breakfast deal, and my gentleman friend said I should get up at 4 AM, so I did. I got home about 3, and slept until 8, so there ya go--so much for "getting an early start!"

As a "Demmycrat," I am often at odds with the fact that Abe Lincoln was a Republican. In talking to folks today, I realized that, just as today's GOP bears little resemblance to the 1860s. 

Thank goodness the same is true for the Dems. I haven't heard the term Dixiecrat in ages!

Is anyone "for the Union" any more?

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