Sunday, June 24, 2012

Niagara Falls in Fireworks

One of my favorite set pieces--and there are many--is the waterfall, above. 

I had read several newspaper accounts of this "event" in the Thirties, during the Depression. I saw the waterfall piece in my imagination as the essence of the small town 4th of July display--complete with a brass band, pretty women in soft dresses, iced tea from a jug, and fried chicken. 

The lance work for the piece isn't complicated--just a series of fountains or sparklers hung upside down--but the height of the waterfall of fiery sparks, and the length of it--well, my imagination ran wild.

Sure enough, at Fort Huachuca, they had one. Many things in life are, ultimately, disappointing. This was NOT!! 

It began in the center of the end zone of the high school football field, creating a single, narrow fall of fire, then, slowly and gracefully, other falls started along the line. The finale was when the entire line was ablaze, pouring sparks over the imaginary parapets of the Niagara River. 

It seemed to go on forever!  AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

I love fireworks.

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