Monday, April 9, 2012

Time for a Poem

Co. B - 55th Illinois

This sure ain't what I thought

Bein' a soldier was gonna be.

Sure I knew there'd be lots a marchin'

But I'd followed the plow for years.

I even knew the food wouldn't be the best,

But ma had died when I was just ten.

Sleepin' in tents wouldn't be too bad

As long as there were blankets to keep me warm.

I knew there'd be shootin' and killin'.

Shootin' and killin' -

That's what a soldier's s'posed to do.

I was prepared for death

To be at my stoop any time.

But I sure didn't think,

Back in Chicago when I joined up,

That I'd ever be told, by my own Colonel,

To kill one of our own men

Simply because he went home

To be with his wife

When she buried their baby boy


by Frank Crawford


  1. I thought this was excellent--the writer has a couple more--probably a lot more. Stay tuned!