Monday, April 23, 2012

Picacho Pass #2

The second post concerning the Battle of Picacho Pass will be up on tomorrow.  There are three posts in all, and this one discusses the battle, which was held among less than 24 soldiers, so go figure.  

The whole Picacho deal makes me sick to my stomach.  I have never seen such disrespect for history as that shown by, of all things, state governments.  They are the very entities which should be protecting our past, but in the current economic crunch, an old fort, a spit of desert--they are the first to go.

The Arizona monument of Picacho Pass will be closed for the summer--no ranger, no protection, nothing except a place where men died to protect this country left open to the depredations of the desert and who only knows what else.  

Why can't we decide where our taxes should go?  Argh!

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