Sunday, April 1, 2012

This is NOT an April 1 Joke

Last July, I reluctantly began this blog. It seemed, from all I had read, that a writer should have a blog so people know she exists.

What happened to just sitting in my garret and composing? Well--that is SO 19th century!

The first month I had 231 readers, including some from Russia. "Nice," I thought. " and Russians!"

Last month--March--I had over 2,000 hits. 2,000!!!

I am humbled and astounded that all of you would read this blog. If it has gotten better, it is because of your input and faithfulness. 2,000 folks is a lot of people to disappoint, after all.

So, now I have to do even better and keep those of you who read regularly happy, and maybe you will tell others that First Fallen is a good place to be.

You can do this by hitting the "Like" buttons, the "Tweet" and "Facebook" links, and anything else that is there for you to hit. It only takes a second, and the results are exponential.

Why do I ask this of you? For the same reason I began the blog in the first place. It will help get the book published. I need to show potential publishers that I have an audience just waiting to purchase their investment. 2,000 is a lot better than 231, to a publisher.

Me? I'm just glad you are here. Especially the Russians!! (Russians?? who knew?)

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