Monday, April 16, 2012

An American-Russian Alliance

The American Civil War came very close to becoming an international conflict. Due to the persistent diligence of U. S. ambassador to Russia, Mr. Cassius Clay, it did not.

The Confederacy counted England and France pretty firmly in their camp, should it have come to that, but the Union held on to her own ally, Russia.

Russia was czarist at the time, and had been badly mauled in the Crimean War. Mother Bear was under no illusions about the aims of the more western European nations, so when offered warm-water ports and continued trading for her support, she was glad to give it.

Knowing that the huge Czarist armies would roll across the west if threatened again kept both England and France from completely declaring their military support of the South.

So, to my loyal Russian Readers, who continue to hit this blog second only to those readers in the U. S., I raise a small glass of vodka. You have my thanks, for everything!

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