Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bomb Threat Yesterday at Brownell Middle School

Well, there is not much more unnerving than a bomb threat.  My school had one yesterday.  We sat in the field area for a couple of hours while the bomb squad checked every room for--well--I am not sure what.

Turns out it was a stinking kid that had stolen one of our walkie-talkies (sp?) two weeks ago, and some how decided that yesterday was the day to use the allegedly secure bandwidth to talk badly about our interim principal (the regular one, also a reader of this blog, is out because of surgery--Hi Mr. C-L! Missing you!!) and a few of teachers.  Then he said there was a bomb.

Everything turned out OK, but it is stuff like this, furlough days, classrooms with about 40 students each, etc., that sorta makes you question just what it was that folks were envisioning when the idea of a free public education for everyone first came up.

Just sayin' . . .

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