Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Other Elmer Ellsworths

The baseball player to the left is Elmer Ellsworth Smith, Major League Baseball Player. He was a left handed pitcher and outfielder, making his debut for the Cincinnati Red Stockings on September 10, 1886.

For 14 seasons he played for the Cincinnati Red Stockings, Pittsburgh Pirates, New York Giants and Boston Beaneaters, 1886 to 1901. 

He ended his career with 75 wins, 57 loss, 9 shutouts, 525 strikeouts and batted 57 home runs, 1456 hits, 665 runs batted in with a .310 batting average.

An excellent man to carry our Colonel's legacy.


  1. Did you know Allen Ludden is an Ellsworth!!! His Father 's name was Elmer too, plus he is really related, A cousin of our beloved Colonel.Our Colonel would have been flattered by care for him, but How many Elmers lived to keep their name clean as he did. Oh well. today is a day to start.Mr.Ludden's mother married Mr. Ludden after
    Elmer had passed from the 1918 influenza outbreak.His whole name is really Allen Packard Ellsworth Ludden.

  2. It would be interesting to see how one man could touch so many lives. for a blessing.