Thursday, May 3, 2012

Getting My Period

I really love different typefaces and fonts. Having access to so many strange and wonderful groups of expressive and artistic alphabets is one of the best things about computers.

That said. I have been making a terrible error here (and there) for years. I learned to TYPE--I did not learn to input. The rules are different, especially about periods.

Who knew that there was only one space between an end marking and the capital letter of the next sentence? Or I should ask, who knew and neglected to tell me? 

Finally, Chris of let me in on it. Then I read my copy of A Manual for Writers by Kate Turabian, and she mentions it as well. Once. In a small place. With no fanfare. Did I say "once?" 

Now I toss & turn, wondering just what else is missing from my life. 

Someone! Please! Tell me!! (. . . and no mentioning excessive exclamation points!)

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