Friday, May 11, 2012

Small Town Politics, Then & Now

I have been rereading 1861, and a super book called Year of Meteors.  Both are sort of on the same theme--maybe it is a sub-theme.

There are many similarities among small town politicking then and now.  It took less than 200 votes for most of the Southern states to secede.  Conventions were held in churches as well as "Wigwams." 

The national stage looks enormous at first, but it is made up of a zillion little Thurlow Weeds, jockeying for a position for their candidate, knocking platforms together, and then apart, with impunity.  

Small towns are so much a part of this country, and I am proud to live in one.  I am equally proud to politick in one, just like in Springfield, 1860.

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